Where to Start

Our team of professional carers understand that losing a loved one can be a very difficult and emotional period in a person’s life. On the other hand, we also recognise the importance of memorialising your loved one in the most beautiful way possible while also fulfilling their wishes.
Is to provide families with a personalised and compassionate funeral service. When we arrange your loved one’s funeral, we will take the time to clearly explain all of your available options on every aspect of the funeral process. If your loved one has certain wishes, our care staff will make sure that these are fulfilled throughout the service.

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A death in the family is a very emotional period. It can also drain a family’s finances especially if the death is sudden. This is why a lot of individuals are now choosing to pre-plan their funeral. This saves their families from eventual financial burden.

We are licensed agents for the Sureplan Family Fund, a Friendly Society that provides funeral bond and funeral insurance services to Australian citizens. The plans we offer pay out benefits after a day’s notice of death, so you can rest easy knowing that your family will remain financially secured.

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What’s Involved

Organising a funeral service can be a daunting task especially for grieving families. Breaking down these tasks into checklists will make it easier for you to track everything without getting overwhelmed with the task at hand. Our staff will be there to assist you in organising your loved one’s funeral down to the very last detail.

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Common Tasks

Securing all of the necessary documents and certificates is an essential part of memorialising your loved one. Our comprehensive guide to funeral tasks and decisions ensures you will be completing all of the needed documentation even before the funeral service commences.

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Funeral Services

Virgo Funerals is capable of creating and managing funeral services for different cultures, religions and traditions. We can do Christian burial services, secular services and memorial services. Our care staff can also arrange for a wake after the service so you, your family and friends can reminisce the memories of your departed loved one.

At Virgo Funerals, we want to create beautiful and affordable farewells for your loved one. Give us call and let us know how we can assist you. We serve clients in South Burnett including Kingaroy, Blackbutt, Yarraman, Murgon, Goomeri, Wondai, Nanango and Proston.