Common Tasks in Kingaroy

Preparing all of the necessary documents and information of your deceased loved one is an essential part of making funeral arrangements. The sheer volume of the information that needs to be organised can be overwhelming, especially for grieving families.

This is why our team at Virgo Funerals

Has created a comprehensive list of all the documents and certificates you need to secure if a loved one has passed. Queensland residents can access links to Queensland State Government agencies that they will need to contact. This includes Federal Government Departments.

We have also provided a standard form letter that you can use if the agency or individual you’re contacting requires written confirmation or does not supply the information you need on the internet.

We have classified these important documents into the following categories: Personal Information, Personal Items of Interest (For Funeral Service), Documents to Locate and People to Contact.

Personal Information

Personal Items of Interest (For Funeral Service)

Documents to Locate

People to Contact

Our team is prepared 24/7 to assist families and individuals in need of a funeral service. Get in touch with us today and let us discuss how you would like to pay tribute to your departed loved one.