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A Fitting Send Off

At Virgo Funerals, we take pride in our ability to create beautiful, lasting and affordable tributes for families’ departed loved ones. Our Kingaroy based team will be with you every step of the way, from the very first phone call to helping you process your grief in the months to come.


That while this is a very emotional time for you and your family, your departed loved one also deserves a memorable tribute. Our wide selection of funeral service options covers everything from coffins to flower arrangements. We can also craft plaques, headstones and cremation urns.

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Choosing a coffin for your loved one is usually a matter of personal preference. We have caskets and coffins of different styles that you and your family can choose from. Our team can also create customised coffins that will suit your needs.

Our coffin prices may vary depending on the materials used as well as the quality of construction.

Our coffins and caskets are fully customisable to suit your family’s needs and preferences. These are made from the highest quality of solid timber and timber veneer.

Kingaroy’s Professionals

Memorial Books

We have a wide range of high quality memorial books that families can use for their loved one’s funeral service. Memorial books allow family and friends to write down their most cherished memories with the departed.

Our memorial books are all encased in a matching silk coverslip and a waterproof vinyl outer casing. It has a three ring binder feature that allows you to add, remove or rearrange pages for a highly customisable keepsake.

We have a wide selection of customisable memorial books that families can use for their loved ones’ funeral service. This allows families and friends to record their presence and share their most treasured memories with the departed.

Kingaroy’s Professionals

Floral Arrangements

Our care staff is committed to extending our values of compassion and empathy beyond the families that we service. This is why our team has been working with our local florists in South Burnett to prepare our floral tributes for burials, cremations and memorials. Whether you want a simple arrangement or a customised floral design, we will be more than happy to respect your wishes.

The prices of our floral arrangements vary depending on the number and type of flowers used and the complexity of the arrangement. We encourage families to give us a set budget and our care staff will arrange to work within the proposed budget range.

Our compassionate team of funeral directors works closely with South Burnett florists to create floral arrangements that will perfectly memorialise your loved one. Give us a call to know more about our floral tribute services.
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Memorial Plaques

Virgo Funerals is also a provider of high quality engraved memorial plaques. Our selection of headstones and markers are all made of cast bronze and individually prepared by our master craftspeople.

Our memorial plaques are priced depending on the plaque size and the number of words used. Generally, the price for a standard seven writing lines range from $440 and up. We charge additional costs for emblems, pictures and double plaques.

We can also craft customised memorial urns for families who would like to have their loved one cremated. Give us a call for more information on our memorial urns.

Our engraved and laser etched memorial plaques allows families to create a special tribute to their loved one. Our headstones are made of cast bronze and are prepared by our team of master craftspeople.

Our personalised service allows us to provide a nurturing environment where families can properly grieve their departed loved one. Contact us at Virgo Funerals today and let us help you get through this very emotional period in you and your family’s lives.

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Cremation Urns & Keepsakes

There is a huge selection of Cremation Urns and Keepsakes for you to choose from at Virgo Funerals. You’ll see urns for ashes in a variety of styles and materials — from brass to ceramic, from crystal and marble, to wooden urns.

Most urns have threaded screw lids to secure the ashes. However, there are no rules when it comes to what constitutes an urn. Often the cremation urn will be lodged in a wall niche at a memorial park. Alternatively, it can be buried in the park’s grounds.

Urns for Scattering Ashes

The idea of scattering the ashes does not mean that an urn would not be needed. Bio scattering urns are designed specifically for the scattering of cremation ashes. These scattering urns made from 100% recycled cardboard. They are built for releasing the ashes, either over the grounds at a favourite site or for burying the ashes in the soil. Bio cremation urns are also available for scattering the ashes out to sea. A water burial cremation urn is designed to sink slowly and is typically released off the side of a boat in the deeper ocean waters.

Keepsake Cremation Urns

Keepsake Urns are designed to keep only a portion of the cremation ashes — generally equivalent to about a handful of ashes. You can choose from many different styles of Keepsake Urn. Most have a threaded screw lid. Some are covered in velvet. Solid brass is extremely popular. Keepsake urns are sometimes placed on display but in most instances, they are safely stored out of sight. It all depends on your personal circumstances and how you’re feeling about displaying an urn for ashes.One of the important aspects of having a Keepsake Urn is that it allows you to keep the ashes of the dearly departed with you, wherever you may go. At the same time, because the Keepsake Urn holds only a portion of the ashes, the remaining ashes could be scattered in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

View the Cremation Urns at Virgo Funerals

With the variety of cremation and keepsake urns available, it’s much easier to come and see our range of urns for ashes in person. In addition to that, you can have your questions answered about any aspect of cremations, funeral services, urns and keepsakes. Please contact us today to arrange a time to visit our offices in Kingaroy.