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What Do I Do?
What you need to do when someone passes away depends on the circumstances that surrounded the death.
Our simple guide explains what these are likely to be and what happens in each of the four most common situations.

Our Coffin Range
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Memorials & Plaques
If you'd like to erect a personal memorial or plaque to your loved one, we have an extensive range of memorials and plaques to suit all tastes and budgets. You can view them by clicking here.

Making Arrangements
What's involved in making funeral arrangements? Most people have very little experience with this and can find it confusing. But our handy guide explains the process clearly and simply.

Types Of Funeral Services
Funeral services can take many forms, and some of these forms may be dictated by religious or cultural traditions.

However, the three most common forms for Australian funeral services are:

Many people also hold wakes after a funeral services.

This page briefly outlines the main differences between these three types of services, along with the most common options that Australians choose for wakes.

Christian Burial Services
A typical Christian service would have:
  • The Bidding - being made welcome, invited to remember the deceased, give thanks for their life and grieve their loss.
  • The Word - what the Bible and church says about death (this can be expressed in prayers, readings from the Bible or hymns). Also a summing up of the life, work and personality of the deceased.
  • Prayer - all are invited remember their relationship to the deceased and review their own lives in relationship to God. There is usually reference to the death and resurrection of The Lord which expresses grief, sorrow for wrong-doing, remembrance, thanksgiving and the triumph over death.
  • The Commendation and Farewell - wish the soul of the deceased to find rest, peace and a life hereafter. Also an opportunity for the bereaved to say their last goodbyes.
  • The Committal - when the coffin is lowered into the earth for burial or moved behind a screen at the crematorium.


Secular (ie Non-Religious) Services
  • It's usual to have a professional celebrant officiate over a Secular service, but the service itself can be organised to suit your particular needs.


Memorial Services
A memorial service is normally held when the deceased's body is not present.

This may because the body:

  • may not have been released by the Coroner, or
  • has been buried or cremated elsewhere, or
  • has not been recovered from the sea or some inaccessible place, or
  • has been donated to medical science

In the case of a "public figure", a private funeral service could be held for the immediate family and a public memorial service could be held later to allow others to mourn the deceased.


After the funeral service many people like to hold a wake to remember the deceased and also to relieve the tension caused by the recent events. A wake can be a simple family matter or something arranged by the funeral director.

Some common options for wakes are:

  • A cup of tea and a biscuit at a family home
  • A cup of tea, sandwiches and some alcohol at a family home
  • Refreshments at a local club or function room, either with alcohol provided or people buying their own