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Our Coffin Range
Virgo Funerals stock a range of beautiful, modern coffins to suit all tastes and budgets. While we encourage you to visit us to make you final selection, you can also view them online
by clicking here.

Memorials & Plaques
If you'd like to erect a personal memorial or plaque to your loved one, we have an extensive range of memorials and plaques to suit all tastes and budgets. You can view them by clicking here.

Memorial Books
Memorial Books can create a personal, individual tribute to the passing of a loved one, as well as a cherished keepsake of their funeral. We have a range of beautiful memorial books, and you can see them here.

Funeral Insurance
Funeral Insurance and Funeral Bonds are two easy, inexpensive options that let you pay for your funeral well in advance and help give your family peace of mind. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

Floral Arrangements
Many people like to have flowers at a funeral. We work with South Burnett florists to do this. You can find out more about what's involved with floral arrangements by clicking here.

Funeral Notices
We can arrange for Funeral Notices to be published in local newspapers and broadcast on local radio for you at whatever rate those media charge us. But we also publish these notices at no charge whatsoever here
on our website

How To Cope With Grief
Death can take many people by surprise and very few of us are naturally good at dealing with it. Our tips will help you cope with grief (or help your family or friends to get through it).

We're Proud Members
Virgo Funerals are proud members of the Australian Funeral Directors Association. When you arrange a funeral through us you're protected by the AFDA's Code Of Ethics. Find out more about the AFDA
by clicking here.

Arrange A Funeral Online
You can arrange a funeral online by completing the form below and then clicking the button.

Most of the questions we ask on this form are a legal requirement for death registration. But some others are optional.
If you don't have all the information we ask for at the present time, you should complete what you can and we'll work with you to complete the remainder.

IMPORTANT: The five minimum items of information we're required to collect are marked with a red asterisk*. You need to complete all five of these fields so that we can respond to your request.

  Deceased's Personal and Family Details:
*Deceased's Full Name: 
*Deceased's Date of Birth: 
*Deceased's Place of Birth: 
*Deceased's Address: 
Date of Death: 
Place of Death: 
Deceased's regular doctor: 
Occupation during working life: 
Father's Full Name: 
Father's Occupation: 
Mother's Full Name: 
Mother's Maiden Name: 
Mother's Occupation: 
Where Married - 1st: 
At What Age? - 1st: 
To Whom? - 1st: 
Where Married - 2nd: 
At What Age? - 2nd: 
To Whom? - 2nd: 
Where Married - 3rd: 
At What Age? - 3rd: 
To Whom? - 3rd: 
Year arrived in Australia?: 
Aboriginal/Islander? (Yes/No): 
Yes   No
Marital Status: 
Never Married   Married   Widow/er   Divorced
Spouse died? (where & when): 
Pension Number: 
Veterans Affairs Number: 
Medicare Number: 
Send Death Certificate to: 
(name and address) 
  Children's full Christian Names and Dates of Birth:
1st child: 
Date of birth: 
2nd child: 
Date of birth: 
3rd child: 
Date of birth: 
4th child: 
Date of birth: 
5th child: 
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6th child: 
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7th child: 
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8th child: 
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9th child: 
Date of birth: 
10th child: 
Date of birth: 
11th child: 
Date of birth: 
12th child: 
Date of birth: 
  Information about your funeral preferences:
Burial or Cremation: 
Cemetery/Crematorium of choice: 
I wish the cremated remains to be: 
If church service, Church: 
Do you want flowers on the coffin?: 
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Further instructions or requests: 
Name & address of Next of Kin 
or Executor: 
Name and address of the person 
completing this form: 
Preferred contact person: 
Relationship to deceased person: 
*Telephone number: 
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Any additional comments: