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Funeral Notices
We can arrange for Funeral Notices to be published in local newspapers and broadcast on local radio for you at whatever rate those media charge us. But we also publish these notices at no charge whatsoever here
on our website

Arrange A Funeral Online
If you're located far away from the South Burnett or - for any reason - can't make it to our offices, you can also arrange a funeral through us by simply completing our online form.

Memorials & Plaques
If you'd like to erect a personal memorial or plaque to your loved one, we have an extensive range of memorials and plaques to suit all tastes and budgets. You can view them by clicking here.

Our Coffin Range
Virgo Funerals stock a range of beautiful, modern coffins to suit all tastes and budgets. While we encourage you to visit us to make you final selection, you can also view them online
by clicking here.

Laser-Etched Plaques
An example of a laser-etched memorial plaqueIn addition to our extensive range of traditional Memorial Plaques and Headstones, Virgo Funerals can also supply laser-etched granite memorial plaques - the very latest in memorial plaque technology.

Laser-etched plaques are created individually using computer-driven lasers which carve a high-resolution dot pattern from a prepared image into solid granite.

The result is a permanently etched image that lasts virtually forever.

The big advantages of laser-etched plaques include the following:

  • No use of paint. This makes the plaques ideal for outdoor use because the image never fades.
  • Images are etched into the surface of the granite so they're incredibly hard-wearing
  • No maintenance of the memorial is required
  • These memorials last forever so that loved ones can be remembered by future generations
  • Personalised images truly reflect the life of a loved one
  • It's the only way to produce a truly lasting memory - nothing else will last as long
  • The possibilities for plaques are endless and images can be acquired from print photography, digital photographs, pictures or videos. Line art and text are then added to complete the final design
  • We're committed to creating unique and individual alternatives for remembering your loved ones - if you can picture it, then we can create it for you.

How Laser-Etched Plaques Are Created

Laser-etched plaques are created by using photos or images of your loved one. They can be digital photos, black and white or colour print photos, traditionally painted pictures (which have been photographed) or even images extracted from videos.

An example using digital photography:
An example using a black and white print photo:
An example using a colour print photo:
An example using an image captured from a video:

Points to remember:
  • The better the quality and resolution of the photograph or images supplied, the better the finished product will be
  • The laser etching machine can handle pieces of granite up to 1.2m x 2.4m x 0.6m, but plaques can be made to any size below this maximum
  • Super black granite is the ideal substrate for laser-etched plaques. Other types of granite may not give as brilliant an end result.
  • However, other materials that can also be etched include marble, glass, mirrors, timber and acrylics
  • Because laser-etched memorial plaques are unique, prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the desired finished product. Virgo Funerals will work with you and your budget to achieve the best possible outcome. So if you're interested in a laser-etched memorial plaque, please talk to us about it.