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Funeral Notices
We can arrange for Funeral Notices to be published in local newspapers and broadcast on local radio for you at whatever rate those media charge us. But we also publish these notices at no charge whatsoever here
on our website

Arrange A Funeral Online
If you're located far away from the South Burnett or - for any reason - can't make it to our offices, you can also arrange a funeral through us by simply completing our online form.

Memorials & Plaques
If you'd like to erect a personal memorial or plaque to your loved one, we have an extensive range of memorials and plaques to suit all tastes and budgets. You can view them by clicking here.

Our Coffin Range
Virgo Funerals stock a range of beautiful, modern coffins to suit all tastes and budgets. While we encourage you to visit us to make you final selection, you can also view them online
by clicking here.

Funeral Plans
South Burnett Funeral InsuranceMost people plan ahead - we plan for holidays, marriages, the future education of our children and our retirement. And since dying is as much a part of life as being born, funeral planning should also be as much a part of our planning as everything else.

For most people, it's a fact that when you die the cost of your funeral will place an immediate financial burden on your family. This can cause them considerable stress.

But funeral insurance and funeral bonds are two products that allow you prepare for the costs of a funeral well in advance of the need to draw on them.

And because the plans we offer will pay benefits within one working day's notice of a death (unlike superannuation funds or life insurance, which can often take weeks until a death certificate is issued or probate is granted), they allow your family to begin making funeral arrangements immediately with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Sureplan Insurance Products

Virgo Funerals act as agents for the Sureplan Family Fund, a Queensland-based Friendly Society established in 1935 to provide funeral insurance and funeral bond services to the general public.

Sureplan have in excess of 19,000 members more than $42 million in assets. They're regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, the Corporations Act 2001 and the Life Insurance Act 1995 so that you know your investment is secure and fully protected.

Sureplan offer two excellent products that we believe are the best on the Australian market:

  • Sureplan Funeral Insurance - which is available to anyone aged under 56. With funeral insurance, you decide on the amount of coverage you want and then you pay a small premium every week, month, 6-monthly or annually until the age of 60. After this, you cease paying any premiums but have complete lifetime coverage.
  • Sureplan Funeral Bonds - which is available to anyone aged 10 years or older. A funeral bond is much the same as a savings bank account except that you can't withdraw any funds after the initial "cooling off" period. With funeral bonds, you contribute any amount you wish into the funeral bond pool (either as a lump sum or on a regular basis). The funds in the pool are then invested to earn bonuses which are distributed back to members. And on your death, your family will receive back all your contributions plus bonuses.


Sureplan Brochures

If you'd like to investigate Sureplan's funeral insurance and funeral bond products, you can get copies of their current brochures below in PDF format.

These documents explain in detail how each plan operates and outline Sureplan's current benefits and premiums. You can print them out, complete them and return them to Virgo Funerals or direct to Sureplan at Spring Hill in Brisbane.

Or if you prefer, you can visit our offices and we'll be happy to help answer any other questions you might have and/or help you complete the necessary paperwork.

This document contains complete details about how Sureplan Funeral Insurance works; Sureplan's current benefit and premium structure; an application form for Sureplan Funeral Insurance; and a Direct Debit form so that insurance premiums can be regularly and automatically deducted from any bank account that you nominate (if you'd prefer to pay that way).

Sureplan Funeral Bonds (Sureplan Gold)
This document contains complete details about how Sureplan Gold works; an application form for the Sureplan Gold funeral bond service; and a Direct Debit form so that bond payments can be regularly and automatically deducted from any bank account you nominate (if you'd prefer to pay that way). This form also has details about Sureplan's optional Body Transportation Funeral Fund, which will pay up to $3,000 towards transportation and any associated costs should you die within Australia outside a 70km radius of your home.

This form contains consumer advice from the Queensland State Government to ensure that you fully understand how any of Sureplan's products work, and also to allow you a 30 day "cooling off" period.

Direct Debit And Payroll Deduction Forms